Moose is bringing innovation to retailers

Sometimes you don’t need to launch new objects to be called an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is about connecting people together through various means, that is exactly what Baptiste is doing in Montreal with Moose.

moose 3

This French engineer arrived less than 2 years ago in Montreal to work for a promising startup, OctHuber, as their Lead Software Engineer. Developing innovative solutions for marketing purposes, their main product today is Moose, a marketing tool dedicated to connecting local retailers with communities through store cards.

Affordable marketing tools for all

Think of your local neighborhood shop that sells leather bags that you cannot find anywhere else, or that independent vegan cafe that makes the best matcha latte. these boutique retailers might not have a digital showcase where you can find out about exciting sales or special offers. Moose is bringing this tool to them. The focus is currently on cards – Moose is offering an exclusive tool to retailers to create their store cards.

(c) Michael Litvack

“The concept is a hybrid between a gift card and a loyalty card, very similar to Starbucks cards, where you buy it once and then reload it whenever you like and gather loyalty points”

Retailers can design their own card and sell it online and offline so they really have a lead on the project while Moose provide them with the technology. It allows small businesses to provide their clients with quality services that they would have found at large businesses. Indeed, more and more Montrealers are going to small cafes instead of Starbucks and supporting new and innovative shops, but they are also expecting the customer service that they would find anywhere else.

Current needs and future projects

When discussing earlier this year with Baptiste, during Startupfest 2017, he was thinking of launching a central app for retailers to be registered by location. However, the app did not fit with what retailers currently need.

“Offering an app immediately would limit our development to one specific location and we want to eliminate geographical frontiers”

A store card is perfect because it can have a physical notion (the card) with digital purposes – creating a community of clients. There is a free version and an integral version with a personalized loyalty program.

moose 01

With already +150 clients, Moose will hopefully allow to revitalize local retail in Montreal through an affordable and accessible technology.

PS: to discover wonderful acrylic paintings of Montreal urban scenery, check Michael Litvack collection 

Author: khatidja.kassam

Founder of Innovation Montreal, MBA Graduate, interested in innovation, entrepreneurship, impact investment in Montreal and elsewhere!

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