Kinesix Sport is innovating sportswear the Canadian way

Canada is famous worldwide for its extremely cold winters so it is natural that a very promising Montreal startup has found out a way to leverage innovative tools to make people warmer. We met Jonathan Albrecht from Kinesix Sports during Startupfest 2017 edition. He is currently finalizing what could be the perfect smart object for urban Montrealers next winter.

The concept of a heating jacket

Have you ever heard of heating jackets? It is mainly used by amateurs of extreme sports (skiing or hiking). But Kinesix is taking a step further and working on making this a smart object, giving users the possibility to control temperature from their smartphones.

best image kinesix.png

Basically, heath is conducted through carbon elements to twelve heath zones. A manual mode is available but the app can also determine the optimal temperature. The fabric is similar to Gortex so it does not absorb water or perspiration for an optimal comfort. And the price remains competitive compared to Canadian premium winter jackets (it is $300 on pre-sale and eventually the final retail price will be $699).

Combining a passion for sports and biomechanics

john.jpgJohn has always been into sports. After living in France during his teenage years, he came back to Canada and decided to study in kinesiology and in biomechanics. He worked in a sports store for 5 years where he clearly identified a need for simplifying winter sports clothing. His dream was to combine these two passions and work in the product development division for Nike.

His passion for entrepreneurship eventually led him to think of starting his own business – Kinesix, offering innovative high-end products for athletic usage. In this context, launching a smart heating jacket was the next logical move:

 “In sports apparel, innovation has to come from smart objects. Brands like Nike tend to innovate their equipment to produce better fabric but not to create smart connected objects”

A 100% Canadian product

love winterKinesix is working in partnership with the Centre de transfert technologique in Saint-Hyacinthe to integrate heating elements and develop the an expertise for mass production. The electronic elements are produced in partnership with DFX Tech and the heating parts with Memtronik. John has already raised interest from potential buyers in France and Switzerland:

It is important to offer a Canadian product especially when selling the product in Europe. It provides credibility.

For now, the team is finalizing technical elements, working on the rechargeable battery but the heating jacket has already raised a lot of interest (especially through an article on La Presse) and a Kickstart campaign will soon be launched. Pre-purchase requests come from various customers – senior citizen, students or athletes – which confirms the multiple usages of such a smart object.

Author: khatidja.kassam

Founder of Innovation Montreal, MBA Graduate, interested in innovation, entrepreneurship, impact investment in Montreal and elsewhere!

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